I can’t write - at least today. It’s rather remarkable that after only several months of not writing that I find it so hard to put a set of words together. It’s rather troubling to me, but I suppose I can still put code together. I’m not sure how I feel about this - I’d much rather be rooted in the space of language than that of code, but there is increasing movement towards code in this world. The ability to control a computer is exceedingly useful, but ignores some more human elements of our condition. When I want to write a letter or express a thought, I can’t do so in C. I suppose that is a narrow view on programming, which in itself can be expressive, but ultimately much of what is being done in the code space isn’t creative so much as a dayjob, or a litmus test for ones competence.

So I will return to this blog in a day or two, hoping that my ability to write exceeds my ability to script!