Today we saw the GOP rush to the exits. Although in latest polling 80-90% of GOP voters are supporting Trump, the leadership is running for the exits. Some of the electorate surely will. The troubling thing is that much of the GOP is still with him, and it took these final comments for endorsements to be withdrawn. The few who stood against him the entire time, for good reason, such as Kasich, have gained my respect. But those who supported him for any reason have lost a tremendous amount of respect in my eyes.

And those members of the population who supported Trump explicitly for one reason or the other, after this whole fiasco, pose a greater threat to society. Should their concerns not be addressed, the risk of more crazy electoral outcomes looms. And although I really do believe the best candidate this cycle to address their concerns substantively is Clinton, no matter what she does this perception will likely not exist. This next cycle, we need an individual who can assuage the concerns of the ‘deplorables’ while implementing transformative reform that betters their position - likely without the support of those the reform is trying to help.

Following this election, there will be people who supported Trump simply because of a distaste of Clinton. But if Trump was a better alternative, I’m truly scared what will replace Trump next cycle.