No grand statements here: just a belated return to this blog after a couple months of work.

If you’re reading this, you think Clinton won the debate. I think that was always going to be the case. The real danger is that the undecided voters or those inclined to vote third party don’t think so, or don’t think so to an extent that they would vote Clinton. Her performance may not have been exemplary but it didn’t need to be. We did not witness the Lincoln Douglas debates. She was always going to win on policy, especially for erudite folks center right or further to the left.

But the average voter isn’t erudite and may blame faulty scholarship and elitism for their ills. And so to those who feel disenfranchised or truly believe Clinton would be an equal evil at Trump, a debate ‘win’ on policy probably won’t matter. This is a big problem. I have no clue what to do about it. But as an individual, don’t be smug. While Clinton may have won the center, her win nationally wasn’t as profound as you’d think it would be.

Sure, Clinton ‘smashed’ her. But on your terrain. Not on the terrain of the average American. And ‘smashing’ someone intellectually doesn’t necessarily win elections.